Fisher’s Guide

A Guide To Whales and Other Marine Species for the Fishing Industry

The first edition of a guide to whales and other vulnerable or at-risk species for fishers operating in the waters off Canada’s East Coast is now available. This tool contains information on the various species of whales, sea turtles and sharks that are likely to be encountered in fishing areas. It also presents information on the issue of whale entanglements in fishing gear, risk factors, as well as measures and innovations designed to minimize incidents. Additionally, the guide includes identification profiles and range maps of the whale species most vulnerable to entanglements in order to emphasize to fishing crews in Atlantic Canada where extra caution may be warranted.

This reference work also presents a number of potential solutions developed by the fishing industry over the years. Whether it be by testing more whale-friendly fishing gear and technologies, participating in round-tables to improve practices or joining forces with a specialized disentanglement team, fishers play a key role in the quest for solutions.

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Minke whale © S. Pronovost, MMON
Fisheries in Quebec’s Basse-Côte-Nord region © S. Giroux, MMON